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Russian Tractors

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1912-14 Crude oil internal combustion powered in 25 and 45 HP versions by Mamina. Limited production stopped by WWI

"Kolumna-1" Based on the IH Mogul. Over 500 built 1923-29

1923-27 "Zaporozhe" About 500 produced,12hp 5300lbs

Mamina's "dwarf" and "Gnome" tractors, 1924 12hp 3000 lbs

1924-33 "Fordson-Putilovitz Mfgd by "Red-Putilovitz" Over 36000 built at 20HP and 2900 lbs

SXTZ-15/30 based on the IH 15/30 built 1930-37 31.5HP and 6,600 lbs  Almost 400,000 built.

The "Universal"  22HP and 4600 lbs, over 200,000 made

XTZ-7,DT-14, DT-20 built by the Karkhov tractor factory during the 1950's.  The DT-20 was built during the 60's. The XTZ-7 and DT14 were 12.2HP and weighed 3000lbs while the DT-20 was 14.6hp and 3300lbs.

"Universal" built by Vladimir Tractor Factory in models DT-24 and T-28 with 24 and 28HP and weights of 5700 and 4840lbs. The DT-24 had a mfgr's run of over 17000 from 1956-58 while the T-28 had over 82,000 built from 1958-64.

For cotton production the Vladimir, Uzbek, and Trashkent facories built the T-28X3 and T-28X4 (almost 700,000 of them)rated at 40 and 50HP and 5192 and 5786lbs.(1960-95)

"Universal" MTZ-2 built by Minsk Tractor factory and Southern Machine Building Factory from 1954-58.  37HP and 7276 lbs (almost 150,000 built)

"Universal" MTZ-5 and MTZ-7 built by Minsk Tractor Factory and Southern Machine Building from 1957-62 and 58-72 respectively.  40 and 50HP at 7018 and 7238 lbs.

Universal models UMZ-6R/6M and UMZ-6AKR/6AKM with over a million produced by the SOuthern Machine Building Factory from 1970-77 at 60HP and 7370 lbs.

Universal-Propashnye by LTZ (Lipetsk) began production of the T-40 in 1961 and made models T-40A, T-40M and T-40AM through 1995. 40HP and 5214lbs for the T-40 and 5654 for the A model.

MTZ-50, MTZ-52 by Minsk Tractor Factory (Zavod) 55HP and 6000 and 6500 lbs made from 1962-85 and 65-85

K-700 series by the Leningrad Kirov Factory began early 70's with a 203HP 26000 lb machine and progressed to the K-701M in 1989 with 305HP and 30,000 lbs

Universal-Propashnye models T-25 and T-25A.  From '66-72 the T-25 was made by the Karkhov Tractor Factory and in 72 by Vladimir Tractor who produced the T-25A beginning in 1973.  20 and 25HP weighing in at 3300 and 3916 lbs.

MTZ-80 and MTZ-82 were Minsk Tractor's 80HP tractors produced from 1974-95

Minsk Tractor's MTZ-100 and MTZ-102 were the 100HP entry into the tractor market, beginning production in 1984 with weights of 8250 and 8690 lbs.

The Ukraines' Karkhov Tractor Factory produced the T-150K with 165HP in 1972.  It weighs  almost 17000 lbs

Vladimir Tractor Savod(Factory) produced the 30HP 5,000 lb T30A-80 begining 1991

Karkhov Tractor Savod in the Ukraine produced this nice multi tool tractor beginning in 1994.  It was 120HP and weighed in close to 17000 lbs.

LTZ (Lipetsk Tractor Zavod) in 1993 began producing the LTZ-55a and 60A (55 and 60HP)

Karkhov Tractor also produced tis 29HP 4800 lb model KTZ-2511 begining in 1995

Minsk Tractor Savod also produced this MTZ-1221, a 130HP 11000 lb tractor

The LTZ-155 by Lipetsk Tractor Zavod produced this 155 HP unit beginning in 1995.

VTZ-45AT is produced by Vladimir Tractor Savod and has 45 horses, weighing about 6,000 lbs.

LTZ-95, by Lipetsk Tractor Zavod is 85 HP and weighs 9350 lbs, currently produced

MVM (Metrovagonmash) ad NATI produce the MVM-NATI-80, a 80HP weighing about 9500 lbs.

VgTZ produces the VT-130K with 130HP weighing in over 17,000 lbs.

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