Pictorial History of Russian/Soviet/CIS crawler production


Russian Crawlers

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1896 "Blinova" 20HP,one speed fwd/rev. Oil fired steam power

1924-36 the G50,G75,G90 (50,75,90HP)Gas/Kerosene power based on the VD50 by Hanomag from Germany

T-60 and T-65 mfgd by Chelyabinsk tractor factory from 1932-37 and 37-41  Over 100,000 built at 72 and 75 HP and 22,000 and 25,000 lbs

The "SXTZ_NATI" mfdg by the Stalingradksi, the Kharkov, and the Altai tractor factories from 1937 to 1952. 52HP, 11,200 lbs and over 190,000 built.

Mfgd by the Lipetsk Tractor Factory the KD-35 and the KDP-35 were built from 11947-60 and 1950-58.  Over 100,000 built w/ 37HP and 8140 and 8690 lbs.

The DT-54 and TD-54A had 54HP and weighed 12000 lbs Began production at Stalingradski and Kharkov factories in 1949 and produced later by the Altai factory. Almost 100,000 produced.

Universal-Propashnye T-38 and T-38M produced by LTZ (Lipetsk)from 1958-61 and 1961-73. 40HP and 9086lbs

Arable Tractor by Kharkov Tractor Factory models T-74 and T-75.  75HP weighing 13112 and 13354 lbs Production began in 1959 and ended in 84

Altai Tractor models T-4 and T-4A with 110 and 130HP. Production began in mid 60's and continues with newer models. First units weighed 16,720 and 17,512 lbs

DT-75 and DT-75M began production by Volgograd Tractor in 1962 and 1966.  Then By Pavlodar Tractor (DT-75M) in 1968.  80 and 90HP 13,310 and 13860lbs

The T-150 was Karkhov Tractor's 150HP 16000 lb tractor which began production in 1984.

Kishinev Tractor Factory produced specialty tractors, the T70C was a beat raising tractor, 75HP begun in 1975

Volgograd Tractor produced the DT-175C and DT-175M beginning in 1986 with 170HP.

The VT-100 from Volgograd Tractor was 120 HP and over 17,000 lbs. (began 1995)

This 33,000 lb 180HP tractor was produced by "Uraltrack" Chelyabinsk beginning in 1995.

This is the T-250, a 250HP 30,600 lb work put together by Altaitrack and NATI

NATI-91/95  NATI produces this 250HP 30,000 lb beauty


russian tractor











russian tractor 2

vgtz dt 75 2001

vgtz vt 100 2001

vgtz vt 130 2001

vgtz vt 150 2001

xtz 150 09   165hp

xtz 150a 150hp

xtz 153a 160hp

xtz 180d 125hp

xtz 200 125hp



Beet production tractor produced by TRACOM in Moldova "Uzina de Tractoare"


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