In repairing the TD18, TD18A, TD20-200, AND TD20-201 steering clutches you have a couple of options. If your clutches are totally trashed, or completely frozen, you will probably have to resort to cutting some of the discs out to save the inner driving drum, the brake drum and the pressure plate. That means replacing all of the fiber discs and probably most of the steel discs. You can do a lot to clean up the steel discs with some heavy duty cleaning, wire brushing and sandblasting. You will want a clean smooth surface so that the steel disc surfaces will not chew up the new fiber or bimetallic discs with their roughness.

The TD18's and the TD20's normally uses 18 fiber discs and 17 steel discs for each clutch. If you do not have to change all of them, and can get by with only changing a few fiber discs, then by all means just replace the bad fiber discs with more fiber discs. If you have to replace all 18 discs, or at least 18 of the 36 fiber discs required for both clutches, then you should consider upgrading and improving one or both of your clutches by using bimetallic friction discs instead of the old style fiber discs.

Upgrading to the bimetallic discs requires 20 bimetallic discs and 19 steel discs per clutch. The bimetallic discs are of course a little more expensive, but you end up with a clutch less prone to having your clutch discs sticking or bonding to each other, no more broken fiber teeth, a longer clutch life, and an increased friction surface area, resulting in a higher coefficient of friction. The bimetallic discs are not nearly as affected by moisture as the fiber discs. You can certainly expect to run your machine a lot longer without having to go into the steering clutches again!  Upgrading to the bimetallic disc pack does cost more and you are the only one that can make the decision between the two different styles of clutch packs.  For some people the labor and inconvenience involved in future steering clutch repair is not a consideration, while for others it is very important. 


TD18 TD18A TD20-200 TD20-201 Clutch Discs (same as TD14, bimetallic shown)


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