The Allis Chalmers HD10 crawler used, at different times, different friction discs. The fiber discs, (70044478) when new measured 3/16" thick. If the fiber discs are worn down to approx 5/32" or have damaged teeth, they should be replaced. The bimetallic discs used originally were replaced temporarily by the fiber discs above, and then again replaced by a later style bimetallic disc (which were thinner than the bimetallic discs originally used.)

So what do you measure and how many do you use!?

If your discs pass muster, as above, you can use as many as you like until your stack height reaches a height of 4 3/16" (plus or minus 1/16") Begin stacking your discs, WITH A FRICTION DISC FIRST (bimetallic or fiber) and alternate with the steel discs until your stack height reached the correct specification.

Whatever your clutches are equipped with, or whatever you want to equip them with, we have new ones on hand. We have had them made especially to fit your needs when repairing your HD10 steering clutches.

If you are using bimetallic discs, and alternating with steel discs, your clutch will be less prone to seize up, give you longer clutch life, and a higher overall coefficient of friction. You will eliminate the possibility of broken teeth on your fiber discs.  Due to design, the HD10 steering clutch service is more difficult and labor intensive to work on than the simpler HD5, HD6 steering clutch process. Upgrading to the bimetallic disc pack does cost more and you are the only one that can make the decision between the two different styles of clutch packs.  For some people the labor and inconvenience involved in future steering clutch repair is not a consideration, while for others it is very important. 


HD10 Clutch Discs (Bimetallic shown, same as HD5/HD6)

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