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You may ask why I am no longer  using UPS to handle our shipments.!   It is not  absolute, as we will use UPS if so demanded by our customer.  (If I can’t discourage them!)

As of now, our local Boise, Idaho branch of UPS seems to be the greatest salesman that FedEx  never had to hire.  While we are a small company, shipping  over 1,000  times a year to all states in the US, most of the western hemisphere, and overseas our business or satisfaction is not a concern for UPS.

We had already learned that filing a claim for a lost or damaged shipment was akin to sending a letter to Santa Claus.  We also wrongly assumed that using UPS and suffering through their incompetence was a just part of doing business.  In the winter of ‘05 I contacted FedEx Parcel to explore alternatives.  We began splitting the shipping business between the two to see how our accounts were handled.

In July of ‘06 (UPS pickup record M426 737 754) we had two ground shipments going to Canada.  UPS charged us air freight charges, even though it was handled by ground carriers.  The difference is in the hundreds of dollars.  Besides over charging, they also lost part of the shipment, ultimately costing me approx $1,000.00 in credits back to the customer.  The rest of the parts, besides the one they lost, were useless without the one critical piece they lost.  My claim with them has only been about the freight charges.  Our local driver, doing the best he could, personally faxed copies of the pickup records and a copy of our UPS bill showing the overcharges to the UPS Boise office from our FAX machine.  We were notified by the Boise office on two occasions during the ensuing months that “the credit on the freight charges was approved, and would be initiated shortly.”  It has never happened.

It has now been nine months. (Apparently not their gestation period for simple problem solving!) Our delivering driver says he has left numerous messages at the Boise office to those involved and we have heard nothing.

As a comparison, we noticed an overcharge  (almost 90.00) by FedEx last month.  I contacted the local FedEx Parcel office and the credit was approved within an hour, and the money was in my account the following day. 


April 9, 2007