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Unless you have been living in a cave, totally isolated from what is going on around you or in your community, you know that things are tough, and getting tougher for a lot of people facing hard times and struggling to make ends meet. While you and I can't make a big difference in solving the world's problems, we can certainly make a difference in our local communities.    Do not expect much help from the 1%

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Our "Discount Program" won't save you a dime!  But it won't cost you a dime either! What our "Discount Program" will do, only with your help, is to assist others in your community to make it through these hard times. We want to encourage you to donate food items to your local church pantry or your local food bank. Many of our customers already donate. We want to urge you to go again!  Get used to going!   Make it a habit! You are in total control of what amount of food you choose to donate, and to what organization. Whatever amount you choose to donate we will deduct from the total cost of your parts order from General Gear & Machine ( and for up to 10% of your total purchase.

So, if you have to order parts for your tractor repair, you can help your neighbors at the same time! Just
FAX (208 342 8999) us a copy of your grocery receipt, and a receipt from your food bank or church pantry.  E.G.  If you have a parts bill that adds up to $800.00, we will deduct up to 10%, or $80.00, from your total bill.  If you donate $50.00 worth of food, we would then deduct the $50.00.

To make it simpler for you, just drop a check by your local Food Bank, have them fax us a receipt, and we will reimburse you for the same amount up to 10% of your total parts purchase!

The food you donate today is your discount today.  The check you drop off or the cases of food you pick up at your local grocery or big box store can go a long way to helping your neighbors and your community. You will enjoy the great feeling you get when you help others and we will certainly look forward to getting your faxed receipts, letting us know that together we are making a positive difference.

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                                                     This Holiday Season, 2013 heading into 2014, Brian and Amanda, from
                                                      Queensland, Australia made a voluntary donation to the "Cause" and
                                                      got the ball rolling.   Debbie (Da Wife!) threw some more in and went
                                                      shopping.   Over 1,000 lbs of food went to the local food bank here in Boise.

Thanks to all of you who continue to help wherever and whenever you can.


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We have been fortunate to receive your assistance in our efforts to help and encouraging others to help.   For that we thank all of you.  If you have never been in need, congratulations.   Most have, including me.  We can learn from the experience if we survive.   Not all do.  Many never get the chance to fulfill their potential and we are wasting that human potential by not helping it to flower. 

In times like these I remember the words of Stephen J Gould:
“I am somehow less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein’s brain
than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and
died in cotton fields and sweatshops.”

We, as a society are severely handicapping ourselves if we do not do our best to explore and develop the potential of all of our members.  Help us to let them bloom. 




Contact John Parks at 1-208-342-8911
General Gear and Machine, 733 Desert Wind Rd.,
Boise, Idaho, 83716  US

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